From the photographic modern love story between Pocahontas and Kunta Kinte.

Notes on Nature, Anger and Genocide:
The modern figures of Pocahontas and Kunta Kinte are both products of the very concept of Nature and Lost Paradises. By picturing their love in Guadeloupe, I inevitably doomed them.
From 1972 to 1993, the French Government illegally and deliberately poisoned our land, food, water and people, locking up our bodies on a 700 years death row. The most silent, elaborate and efficient weapon of mass extermination ever used in a colonial crime. The French Gov, the mordern day slavers (békés) who stil own us and the local elected house n*****s who gladly swallow their greedy c*m while selling their own world are as doomed as us.
Because televised or not, the “french” west indian revolution will not be a forgiving one.

With Wendy Ramssamy @wndyrmssmy and Elyo Darius @elyodarius
Styled by Sigi Thiaroyé

Assisted by Ophélie Jélaine @opheliejelaine

© Damien Jélaine