YEEZY SEASON X: a World of Fashion and Trade.

As much as I hate that sellout joke my boy Kanye turned himself into, and as much as I’d love to address his case, this portrait isn’t (completely) about him nor (completely) against him. But 2018 is almost over so…
I believe two major changes led to the way we think about western culture today: the world growing tired of watching the plastic/boring lives of cis-white males, and the “diverse cast” mastering the art of shaping almost every aspect of modern pop-culture. And my dumbass really thought that it was gonna be enough, somehow. Because we learned that representation is power, especially for discriminated groups (I’m not just talking about the black community). But… damn I was wrong (and stOopid). The real power is, and always will be the money. Ownership. To own this representation on a straight financial level.
It is, to put it bluntly, the difference between MAKING MONEY and GETTING PAID for something we naturally are or produce. Sadly, most of us gets paid. Paid by a hateful wealthy system to be ourselves only when it’s convenient, only when it generates numbers and only when it doesn’t make too much noise. These same minds that kept us in the shadow of a “must-be-all-white-society” policy now dress our bodies, oil our flesh, strengthen our muscles, record our voices, then collect the coins and set the prices to “pay” our services. All cool. I mean, I fuck with that. But let it be political ( @kaepernick7 ) or social ( @munroebergdorf ), and the system loses its goddamn mind. Our difference is their cotton now. Time to pick it ourselves.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m BEYOND grateful about our journey. I’m BEYOND proud of how far we are today, against all historical odds (the most gangsta move we ever made). And I’m pretty sure the Ancestors are proud as well while watching over us. But they didn’t raise no fools, so don’t fool yourselves. We ain’t there yet.

P.S.: As for Kanye… I’ll probably end up listening to “YANDHI” and liking this shit anyway so… what’s the point, right? #hypocrite
We need new books of poetry.

With the ultimate badass @fgtbjz / Assisted by Ophélie Jélaine @opheliejelaine

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